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Bill Stotesbury’s paintings and drawings

Navigating your way through the various galleries could not be easier.

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You may purchase any of the originals or prints for your own enjoyment, but do remember they also make wonderful gifts for all ocassions

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New Orleans Gallery

A new gallery showing some of our favourite places in the French Quarter of New Orleans and a couple of views across Lake Ponchartrain Causeway in Mandeville

Click HERE to visit Bills New Orleans Gallery

Provence Gallery

This Gallery has 8 rooms, be sure to visit them all to experience journeys through the French villages and countryside from Cotignac through to Thoronet, and the Gorge de Verdon. Also immerse yourself in the hues of poppies and flavour of the local thyme and lavender as you visit the Seasons in Var room.

Click HERE to visit Bills stunning Provence Gallery

Kent Churches and Villages

Mixture of paintings and drawings of historic Kent churches through the seasons; showing the medieval towers so common to Kent churches as well as the Renaissance style of Mereworth and the majesty of Brompton Oratory in London. Also featuring two hisstoric villages, Biddenden and Cranbrook.

Click HERE to vist the Kent churches and villages Gallery

Seascape Gallery

A fairly new Gallery, predominentally English - Cornwall, to Dorset and Guernsey - along with a couple of paintings of the tranquil beaches of the Seychelles

Click HERE to vist Bill Stotesbury's all new Seascape Gallery

English Countryside Gallery

All the beauty and moods of the English countryside from Shropshire through the Yorkshire Dales to Kent. This green and pleasant land.

Click HERE to visit Bill Stotesbury's English Countryside Gallery

Miscellaneous Gallery

An eclectic mix of paintings and drawings from round the world, USA, Malta, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom, headed by two majestic beasts - the Hereford Bull and the Ayrshire Cow

Click HERE to visit Bill Stotesbury's Miscellaneous works, including the Cows

Kent Local Views

A collection of paintings and drawings of Kent, separated into three sub galleries to highlight West Malling Historic bulildings, Sketches and drawings from the 1950s and the sweeping landscapes of the North Downs.

Click HERE to visit the Local Kent Views Gallery featuring 'then and now' local views

London Gallery

Three of the artist's favourite drawings of 1950s London, along with architectural drawings of some well-loved buildings

Click HERE to visit Bill Stotesbury's London Gallery

Schools and Colleges Gallery

Fine line drawings of some of the famous public schools and three University Colleges in Oxbridge.

Click HERE to vist the Schools and Colleges Gallery featuring limited edition prints from Bill Stotesbury's original drawings

Bill Stotesbury Commissions

Be sure to view the trompe 'oeil and murals when looking at this Gallery of commissioned works which also includes a selection of some of the many homes Bill Stotesbury has painted on commission as well as occasional portraits and boats

Commissions are a unique and impressive personal or corporate gift

Click HERE for Bill Stotesbury Commissions

John Western Gallery

Limited edition prints of some of Suffolk artist, John Western's, beautiful drawings of the Cotswold villages; Hereford, Gloucester and Worcester Cathedrals and Tewkesbury Abbey. This Gallery also features prints of specially commissioned public Schools drawn in the 1980s

Click HERE to vist a Gallery featuring John Western prints

We are pleased to offer you a selection of fine drawings and prints for your consideration. Millbury Drawings and Prints Ltd specialise in providing a range of high quality, affordable prints for those with a special interest or those that have an appreciation and enjoyment of fine art.

You may purchase any of the prints or original works for your own enjoyment, or as a 'sure to be well received' gift.

All prices quoted on this website are for original paintings and drawings or for limited edition prints. For any further information please contact Millbury Drawings & Prints at Wyke Lodge, London Road, Ryarsh, Kent ME19 5AS or by email on

Please feel free to browse the galleries and take a moment to appreciate the talent of our artists.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our galleries and we look forward to your custom.

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