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Biography: William Stotesbury

Bill studied at the Medway College of Art, attaining a National Diploma in Design and later worked in London for various companies and agencies before heading the Graphic Design and Publication Department for the C&CA for 7 years.

He started his own design company in 1973, eventually bring his office to his native Kent. He has always retained his drawing and painting skills, particularly the sensitive pencil drawings of architecture and the countryside.

Bill Stotesbury has been commissioned by Millbury Drawings and Prints to undertake drawings for their galleries of limited edition prints

In addition to his artistic talents Bill has an interest in Jazz since his college days in the 1950's. He is the founder member of the New Orleans style, Goin' Home Band. The band continue to play gigs all over the UK and are available for parties, corporate events and celebrations of all kinds. For more information on the Goin' Home Band and their CD's please click to email Bill Stotesbury

Become the proud owner of a Stotesbury original...

If, like many others you enjoy Bill's work why not consider commissioning him for a special work of your own.

We have included just a small sample of his bespoke works demonstrating the range of subjects Bill has undertaken; they include examples of portraits, murals, Tromp l'oeil, properties and many more... Click HERE to find out more.

Meet the man behind the work...

Bill Stotesbury - Artist, Jazzman & Traveller...

Vist Bill's Website to finds out more about about the man behind the the paintings. Click HERE to vist Bill's Website.